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Auto locksmiths offer fully trained services to individuals who are locked out of their car, lost their car keys, broke keys inside the lock or ignition or simply locked the keys inside the car and now cannot unlock the door no matter how much their try. Without a spare key in sight, your best options is to get a pro auto locksmith service near you to unlock the vehicle without causing any damage to the property. Ever wondered, though, how do locksmith unlock that stubborn door in the first place? In this article, we will uncover most popular techniques technicians use to get into our car in the matter of minutes!

1. Reprogramming

Today, the newer vehicle models have keyless entry systems installed and in order to get the key to unlock this type of car, the key has to pass through some programming first. Pro locksmith knows exactly how to deal with keyless entry systems and will reprogram the lock in no time. Next thing you know, the car is unlocked without any damage and you can get back on the road and maybe even make it on time to all of your planned errands!

how auto locksmiths work

2. Immobilizer Fix

Some vehicles have an extra protection called immobilizer. The idea behind it is that the car will not start if the thief is trying to steal it. However, in some cases the immobilizer breaks down and then the owner cannot start the vehicle even if you use your car keys. Auto locksmiths know exactly how to fix this problem and get you back on track with your day.

3. Broken Key Extractor

Car keys looks pretty strong at the first glance, but nothing is forever and therefore it is possible to break the key inside the lock of the car or in the ignition. This is why locksmith specialist always has tools to remove the broken key or key pieces from the car lock. Once retrieved, a new key can be easily made to unlock the car door in minutes.

4. Key Analyzer and Mechanical Code Key Cutter

Modern and progressive vehicles give owners the pleasure of keyless entry. It is a bit of a headache, though, if that kind of car gets locked. Auto locksmiths can then use key analyzer or a VATS passkey decoder to determine the electrical resistance values of the car. This knowledge helps to cut the key the right away, even if the original key is not available at all! 

5. Slim Jim

Rather outdated, but still works perfectly with older models, Slim Jim is a must for every auto locksmith in the area. When the client unable to open the door of the vehicle, locksmith can use slim jim to unlock the door without the key. It is important that the tool is used only by someone who is experienced enough, otherwise the damage to the airbags and other electronic systems in your car might be irreversible.

6. J and L Tools

For unlocking older cars that have switched lock and unlock buttons near the inner panel of the doors, auto locksmiths use a J tool.  The idea behind this tool is to lift the unlock button and voila your car is open for business.

So, yes, quality tools are important when you are an auto locksmith, but training plays major part too. Even with the right tools but no proper knowledge, the only thing you will get out of all this is a damaged vehicle.

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