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Below is the collection of frequently asked questions about keys, locks and locksmiths.

We have selected some of the most asked questions and got our experts to give their professional reply.
Q: What is locksmith and how can he help?
A: Locksmiths are professionals who can install, repair, rekey, mechanical and electronic security items such as keys, locks, safes, alarm systems, master keys and more. Locksmiths are trained and required to be licensed in order to work.
Q: In which situations do I require locksmith services?
A: There are lots of situations when you need to call your local locksmiths. You might want to install security alarm system in your office, set up a new lock sets in your rented apartment, get a spare key for your employees, or make a master key for your clinic. Is your key stuck in the door knob? Are you locked out from your house or car? Locksmith can unlock any lock at the minimum damage and cost. 
Q: How to choose a qualified local locksmith in my area?
A: a professional locksmith should have proper license, years of experience an lack of criminal record. Well-established locksmith business should be able to provide warranty for their products and job done.
Q: I am locked out of my apartment. Can you help me out?
A: Yes. we can. Our 24/7 Toronto Emergency service is available every single day, day or night with response time of just 20 minutes.

Q: Which locksmith services do you offer to your clients?

A: A lot of our clients call us when they get into an emergency situation, such as locked out of a car or their own apartment, need a new car key, the entrance door lock is jammed. The range of services we provide stretches to all areas of locks and keys related problems. We can rekey or change the locks, extract broken key from a lock, maintain and repair, install all types of locks, pick the lock, cut and duplicate any key, install alarm system and padlock. We can crack safes and provide expert consultation. We are available to help you in any situation 24 hours a day, 7

Q: Do you install keyless entrance system?

A: Yes, we can install the keyless entry systems to you shop, office, business, car or home. Give us a call for a quote and advice on key-less entry system you require.

Q: I locked myself out of the car. What should I do?

A: Call us for your car lockout emergency. Our mobile automotive locksmith will be at your location in 20 minutes to make a new car replacement key. In case your car has microchip, or in other words transponder key, we can assist you as well. Our mobile emergency locksmiths are licensed and fully trained to unlock your car and get you back on the road. We have lowest prices in the area.

Q: What is a master key?

A: To make long story short, Master Key is kind of like a magic key that opens a group of locks. When regular keys can only unlock one specific lock, master key can open all of the locks inside the predefined group. Such key is needed in hospitals, hotels, motels, shops, factories and property managers.

Q: Is it possible to have all the doors in my house to be opened with just one key?

A: Yes. We can re-key the locks to fit the key of your choice. It is a simple an fast procedure.

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