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Entry Door Repair – What if you try to open or close your entrance door and it just doesn't? Something is just wrong and it is not necessary the lock. What can you do to fix the situation? The answer is staring right at you - Call Now 647-325-7233 and we will take care of the rest for you! 

Entry Door Repair For Home or Office

Entry Door Repair
Entry Door Repair

We simply cannot leave with out the doors and the daily use definitely wears them out. Things get out of places and the door is no longer aligned properly against the lock. That means, you cannot lock the door!

In some cases, fixing the door that doesn't close up properly is very easy task. There are times, however, when easy doesn't describe the issue and you need a professional to join forces to repair the problem for you. 

Experienced Technicians available 24 Hours a day

Even if you have already started repairing the door and now you are stuck in the middle of the process unable to finish it all the way for whatever reason? We can come over and complete the last touch with the right tools and equipment.

Below are services we Offer to the clients in the area:

  • Fix doors that are not properly adjusted anymore
  • Replace doors in case there is no other solution
  • Door frame replacements to help with the adjustments
  • Door locks repair, rekey and change
  • and more

Secure Your Home Entrance against Theft

No matter how strong your door is, without proper measurements almost any door can be kicked in by intruders. So, several things you might want to consider to strengthen your entry point are listed below for your consideration:

  • Strike plate reinforcement of the front door
  • Install hardened screws with hinges
  • Install a heavy duty deadbolt lock
  • Install door viewer with wider view span

Without proper techniques, your entrance door is not secured against intruders and can be easily kicked in. With years of experience, we are yet to see all home doors reinforced. On the opposite - most apartments and homes are hardly secured. The great news is that we can set it up for you in the matter of minutes and return the security back to your own hands, instead of luck and chance. 


Our Rates are Affordable and Low compared to other companies near you

We do our best to keep our fees affordable and cheap, and we are available to assist you day or night, 24 hours a day.

Door Repair Toronto representatives are ready to take your call and solve all of your issues with locks and keys. We come fully equipped with tools and hardware needed to do the job right!