24 Seven Locksmith Toronto offers the leading and most affordable immediate Toronto locksmith services. Our team is available 24/7. Your local locksmith expert will arrive within 20 minutes.

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24 hour Emergency Locksmith Toronto
Emergency Locksmith Toronto

24 Hour 7 Days a Week Emergency Services with Fast Response

Emergency Car Lockout

Emergency Locksmith Toronto is here to serve you with fast and reliable assistance in any type of situation and all of youremergency locksmith requests and issues at home, at work or in any remote location in and around our city. 

Lock ChangeCar lockout? House Lockout?

It is so frustrating to have any kind of trouble with the locks. All of the sudden, the security we so much treasure is taken away from us, or we are unable to complete our daily tasks or plans. In some cases, you can even lose your job if you do not get to your destination on time. So what can you do when the key fails you so badly, you feel completely hopeless?

Simple solution to all of your trouble with fast assistance and professional customer support at 647-325-7233 Call Now!

Emergency Car Lock Out Service any time of the day

We understand your frustration and we see it almost every day - stressed out customer unable to open the door of his vehicle. Do not fear, this situation has simple and efficient solution with our Mobile Locksmith technicians coming to your location within minutes. You will be able to get back inside your auto and drive to your errands, work, appointments as if nothing happened in the first place. We charge affordable fees and there is never any hidden surprise rates at the end of the job done. 


A pet can get locked in the car. Even worse, a child can accidentally lock the doors and, being stranded in the toddler car seat, and without ability to reach or unlock the belt, yet alone open the door, the situation can get very dangerous very fast. This is a very urgent matter and should be treated with up most forces. Emergency like that requires fastest solution possible, especially on the hot summer days when the vehicle can get extremely hot very fast.


We are 24 Seven Locksmith Toronto and ready to take any challenge. We promise to work fast and unlock the door as soon as it technically possible to retrieve a pet or a child from within to safety.

Cheap, Experienced and Reliable

Every job we take adds up to the extensive list of experience we have earned with dealt with every single time we get locksmith emergencies request. We are more than ready for immediate action . Let us prove our trustworthiness and outstanding performance! You will not be disappointed with the results we provide because we take our job as seriously as possible.

Is There an Available Open Locksmith Near Me Right Now?

24 Seven Toronto Locksmith Service can reach your location within minutes of your call and there is no need to worry about the time or day. That's right, we work around the clock and nothing stop us from providing the service to our clients - neither time, nor weather conditions!

We deal with automotive, residential and commercial locksmith solutions with the right skills and tools needed to handle any type of lockout situation in a quick and safe manner without damaging the property or putting the client in danger.

Emergency Locksmith Toronto gives it's all to make sure that the customer is safe and satisfied with the end results.

No surprises when it comes to fees because we have most affordable rates:

  • Car Lockout assistance available around the clock 
  • House Lockout with any lock brands
  • Lock change within minutes
  • Car Keys Made on the spot
  • Office Lockout for commercial business owners
  • Affordable prices any time of the day
  • Car Keys Made fast even without an original key available 
  • 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith
  • And other urgent solutions to your toubles

If you do not see the service you need listed above, we are almost certainly provide it, so give us a call to make sure and either request immediate help or schedule an appointment for your home or office security measures.

Fastest response time in the GTA and surrounding cities

24 hours 7 days a week emergency service
15 minute emergency locksmith Toronto

Our Clients are 100% Satisfied with the outcome!

24 Seven Toronto Locksmith Service works hard to maintain the satisfaction and trust of our clients, especially when it comes to any type of emergency lockout requests. Our locksmiths are dispatched in the quick manner to assist the urgent situations as fast as possible all around the metro city area. Every call is important to us!

Searching for fast emergency locksmith in Toronto  –  you have found the top team to take care of you.

We make sure to reach you fast and open doors for home office or car as quick as possible!