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Did your just hear a snap sound and you have a broken key inside the door lock? Not only you cannot get inside your home, you cannot get the other piece of key out! This is the right time to give 24 Seven Locksmith a call, because we can help you get the broken key removed in Toronto and GTA. Our technicians are fully trained and equipped to deal with the most complicated situations and remove broken keys from door locks and car ignitions quickly and efficiently.

Our team of locksmiths provide licensed and insured services and work hard to make sure that our clients are satisfied with the outcome. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are ready to repair your broken key situation right away. After you request assistance, we dispatch a mobile van to your location with all the necessary tools and skills to provide top and reliable services at best prices in the market.


Car Key Removal from Ignition or Door Lock

It is so frustrating when the car key gets stuck in the door lock or ignition, and it is even worse when it breaks in a way that you cannot retrieve it on your own. You cannot remove the key, you cannot use the spare one, and you have a piece of metal stuck in the lock or ignition. To safe yourself further unnecessary damage to your vehicle, we strongly suggest not to try to pick that piece out on your own, but rather call experienced and skilled local locksmiths to do it for you and extract the broken key. The technicians do it all the time and know exactly how to remove the broken key. On top of it, in case you need further assistance, our experts can make a new car key from you or repair or replace the ignition on the spot. You don't have to reschedule another appointment or wait weeks and week until your car dealer sends you a new key. We can solve all of those problems right away in one go as quickly as possible and return the safety and mobility back into your hands.


Residential And Commercial Key Removal

Broken key inside of your house or business office lock can turn a lovely day into a complete nightmare. 24 Seven Locksmith is ready to help you out right now and get you back inside your home or business in minutes. Residential door lock or commercial high security lock, our team is skilled and experienced to remove the broken keys fast and without hesitation. Broken key removal service is one of the most requested issues. We can also create a new key for you on the spot. All services are at reasonable cost and our local locksmiths in Toronto and GTA an we work effectively with all types of key extraction for any residential and commercial lock doors. 

Broken Key Repairs and Extraction

Skills come with education and experience. Our locksmiths are truly skilled to repair your broken keys fast. We can make a new key very fast and instead of your broken key, you will have a brand new one in no time. Please do not try to pull the broken key out on your own because most likely you will end up damaging the lock even more and it will take more time to repair and cost you unnecessary time and fees.  24 Seven Locksmith provides emergency broken key repair services in Toronto and GTA 24 7. Give us a call right from the moment you have realized there is a problem, rather then after you have tried sticking knifes, other keys, hairpins, tree twigs etc into the lock making the situation worse by every minute you spend near the lock.

Looking for best broken key extraction and repair services in GTA and Toronto? 

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