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Adults also make mistakes that too blunders that cannot be helped with other than laughing for a good humor and for the sake of keeping the environment light. Ever heard of someone committing a mistake and then laughing out loud with the people around to reduce the stress and think of ways for getting out of the mess? Well, that’s exactly what everyone should do regardless of how sensitive the situation is because a calm and composed mind can lead to a productive idea for resolving the matter.

Locked out of your own house with no keys? No problem. This can be done without taking proper help from a locksmith who has relevant tools for the same. Apart from the spare keys, which are also usually INSIDE the house, there are a lot many ways through which you can open your door or break into your house without causing damage. Here is how.

  1. Check the other doors and windows:

Checking the doors and windows of the house must be the first thing to do once you realize that you don’t have access to your own house anymore. Mostly, doors are locked but the windows are kept unlocked because it is too bizarre to lock and unlock them quite frequently for the obvious reasons. Therefore check them and if you find one open, then either try to do it yourself or take help from a kid but jump into the house and unlock the main from inside like a boss.

  1. Try the credit card method:

This might sound old-fashioned but the fact cannot be denied that it’s still working and reliable in most of the lost-key cases. The credit card can be put by the side of the lock and pushed down with a light hand to unlock the door, but make sure to attempt several times for it as the first attempt is usually a fail.

  1. Try the dog door:

The dog door can be used if you have a small kid around who is sensible enough to cross that small area and unlock the main door on reaching inside. However, this can be a risk as such young kids usually get scared of crossing a smaller area like that of a dog door.

  1. Use a Bump key:

A bump key is sort of a neutral key made by the locksmith with which almost every lock can be opened after a couple of failed attempts. The springs of the bump ley are designed to generally fit into any door lock in case of an emergency.

  1. Take out the doorknob:

If nothing works out, then use your manpower and take the doorknob out because of which you’d naturally be able to open the door. As damaging as it might sound but the door knobs are not that expensive to be repaired because after all, what’s more important than getting into your house instead of waiting for a miracle?

  1. Get help:

Last but not the least, get help from the neighbors with whom you can put extra house keys or a locksmith who will unlock the door by using his professional tools without damaging it.

Locking yourself out does not have to be necessarily panicking. With the right choice made, the issue can be resolved by using minimal equipment and without spending a lot on it.